Monday, September 26, 2011

Pickings, September 26th

A busy day here today harvesting the winter squash, peppers, popcorn, a handful of pumpkins, and the last tomatoes of the season. We grew three varieties of peppers as shown in the top photo. The green with crinkled skin are HOT, the yellow/orange are slightly peppery and the smooth pointed variety is sweet. Butternut was our best producing winter squash and we'll include several in each basket this week. Acorn squash also did fairly well; the variety we grew this year has smaller fruit which is just right for a single serving. The heirloom Potimarron and Long Island Cheese varieties did not produce as well as we had hoped though and pumpkin harvest was disappointing, to say the least. Last year we harvested a wagon load but this season we only picked a few dozen and those were on the small side. We're saving these for our shareholders with kids and will include them with this week's basket along with popcorn and sunchokes.

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