Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pickings. June 23

When I was a college student, my roommate gave me a copy of Martin Yan's "Yan Can Cook Book" and it was an indispensable aid to a starving bachelor. Here's a spin on one of his basic stir fry recipes using  this week's harvest - you really can use just about anything - but in this case I tossed in carrots, bok choi, beets and beet greens, snow peas, garlic scapes and venison - all harvested within a few feet of the kitchen. Marinate the venison (or beef, lamb or whatever) for an hour or so in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a touch of garlic and cook it over searing heat in olive oil until done (venison really wants to be on the rare side) then set it aside and do the vegetables. Start with the carrots first, gradually adding the others, saving the peas for last -they only need about a minute. A wok is better suited for this, but a cast iron skillet works just fine if that's all you have. This paired well with a cornbread made with locally grown Red Fife flour. Sort of a fusion Asian/cowboy comfort food.

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